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How to Fix an Audio Renderer Error in Windows 10

Users often complain about the error of the audio renderer on their computer. This error is not a Windows version problem, and it occurs in different web browsers. We’ll tell you about a few valid ways to help you deal with it.

Causes of audio renderer error

There are a number of causes for audio renderer error. Specifically:
1. Sound driver error – this error is repeated in some models of motherboards. Users who have encountered such a problem have found a temporary solution: reconnect the earphones, reboot the PC, or disable the audio driver for a while.
2. Collision of Windows sound driver and ASIO driver is an exact statement that the error appears when customers use Windows sound driver and ASIO driver with wrong frequencies of the sound format. The issue can be resolved by syncing the two frequencies.
3. Faulty BIOS version – most often problems of any sort on computers are due to an incorrect software update. Please refresh your BIOS to the most recent version to correct the issue.

Top 3 methods to fix audio renderer error

If you are now searching for a resolution to your sound rendering problem, this post will give you some sure-fire ways to fix it. And to find the results you want faster, we suggest reading the instructions listed in the order in which they are presented.
One of these methods is guaranteed to help you in your particular case.
Method 1: Troubleshooting sound in progress
The way is to run the embedded sound repairer to troubleshoot audio issues. This firmware tool includes a selection of recovery techniques that solve many sound-related issues.
To run this utility, do the next steps:
● Click the Windows + R keys to bring up the “Run” dialog box. Then enter “ms-settings: troubleshooting” and hit Enter. You will go to the Settings application’s Troubleshooting tab
● In the Troubleshooting tab, tap Play Audio, then launch the Troubleshooter
● Wait for the first scan to finish, choose the device you’re concerned with, and press “Next”
● The tool will analyze your setup for the issue, and if it’s found, it will offer a workaround. Simply go ahead and follow the on-screen instructions
● Reboot your PC and verify that the error has gone away.
Method 2: Turn off and on the audio driver again
To do this action, you need to:
● Press the Windows + R command, open the “Run” dialog box. Then type ” devmgmt.msc ” and press Enter
● In Device Manager, bring up the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers menu, and then turn off all audio adapters
● Wait a few seconds and then reactivate them by pressing the right mouse button and choosing Enable Device
Method 3: Rollback / Uninstall Audio Driver
This method is helpful if the problem was earlier triggered by a software error
● Go to the Device Manager with the same approach as described above
● Open the “Sound”, “Video” and “Game Controllers” menus and click on the audio adapter
● In the audio adapter settings, go to the “Driver” tab, click “Roll back driver” or “Uninstall device”
● Reload the system