PC gaming setup

How to build the ultimate PC gaming setup

No matter if you play video games as an amateur giving it a little time or are an ardent fan and a true professional in this business – a quality gaming area is equally important. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few important points in building your gaming setup.

The main elements of an ideal play setup

The main and most important elements that you need to create a comfortable gaming setup are a good chair, a powerful gaming computer, and an extensive monitor.
Of course, most people think that the computer is the most important thing to enjoy the game, but without a good chair you may experience back pain after half an hour of playing, which will lead to health problems.
For this, do not spare money to buy a gaming chair that suits you personally.
The second factor already mentioned is a powerful gaming computer. Such computers have better performance and the ability to handle high-quality games. It also provides minimal graphics lag. It is highly recommended to buy a computer with a cooling system as a powerful gaming process will heat up faster than usual. The best consoles for 2021 are PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, GameBoy.
A good computer should also match the monitor. Choose a monitor that has a high refresh rate and better color reproduction ability for a better picture.

Additional elements for the play area

In addition to the basic elements, several additional elements are not usually paid attention to but they are also very important for your comfort:
• The game table becomes the deciding factor when you are seconds away from winning. You have to choose a table that is the right size for you and not just fit into the design of your room
• Game controller – some controllers may not be compatible with your PC system, but the game goes much better if you use a good one. The price of such ranges from $20 to $200
• Suitable lighting -we recommend using smart bulbs to enhance your game because their light harmonizes with the beats and rhythm of your game. You can buy such bulbs from Phillips and Nzxt

The final touch

Of course, no comfortable PC can do without a quality keyboard, computer mouse, and headset.
If we are talking about a keyboard, it is best to use a wireless gaming keyboard, as it has zero latency and provides an excellent tactile experience.
You don’t need to have a gaming mouse, any gaming mouse will do, but most gaming mice allow for some degree of customization by the user.
Sound quality is very important to the gameplay. It is recommended to buy drivers with a size of 45 mm or larger. For professional players, it’s better to take a closed headset so as not to interfere with extraneous sounds.