Sims 4

Best Mods for Sims 4 from Reddit Users

Sims is in itself a unique game that conquered the hearts of many, but everyone knows that the game becomes more interesting if you play it with mods and cheats. We have collected a list of the best mods according to the users of Reddit below.

What are mods and how to use them

Mods bring new and unusual elements to your game. They can be used to add enhancements or even to create large graphics packages. At the moment there are many mods for this game and it becomes difficult to choose the best ones. To save you time, we’ve selected some of the best sims 4 reddit mods, but first of all, let’s figure out how to install them.
Initially, it may seem like a very complicated process, but in fact, installing them is easy. We remind you that you should only download any files from verified sources:
● Download the mods you need from a verified site
● After that, go to the folder with system files and find the folder Electronic Arts
● There you will immediately see a folder Mods
● Mods will be downloaded in archive format, unzip them and move them into the folder Mods
● When you start the game in front of you will open a screen with mods in which you can activate them

Best Sims 4 Mods

Reddit users have selected the best mods based on their own experience. They are sure to help you make the game unforgettable.
● Emotional Inertia -This mod brings a bit of realism to the game. The Sims become more consistent in their moods and the emotions in the game become more meaningful. And it’s much harder to change a Sim’s mood
● Have Some Personality Please!- It brings new dialogue options and results from them, and all interactions are based on the character’s personality and habits, so meaningless conversations go into the background
● UI Cheats – very useful mod that removes the need to constantly type cheats, you can just click on the thing you want to change
● MC Command Center – allows you to create unique storylines in the game, for example, you can set the duration of someone’s life
● Balanced Death Moodlets – Changes the way death works in the game. The reaction to the death of a spouse will be stronger than to the death of an acquaintance, which will not hit the psychological state of the character so hard

Useful tips for using mods

You need to keep in mind a few factors when you add mods to the game.
1. Mods can often conflict with each other so that they do not break the game write down exactly what you use to quickly determine the cause of the problem.
2. Always copy your saves before installing a new mod.
3. Remember that when you add a mod they add new scripts to the game. When they are added, their archives and packages are added to the mods folder.